Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Extra! Extra! (New Header!)

Oh goodness, I was on my way to my office this morning and I thought to myself- how come I am always LATE?!?! Well, I like my sleep. I feel like I am late to everything! Making people wait for me (Wayne), sleeping in then rushing to work (late), and so on. Hence, my new header. Oh, and thanks to Kristin, my inspiration for this latest post. She brought it to my attention that my blog looks like I am deserting it... which it sadly does! I will have photos up SOON from our VACAY in Santa Barbara we (Wayne and his wonderful family :) ) took two weeks ago. Geesh, I am slacking!


Kristin said...

Like the new header and colors! I'm too scared to change mine because everyone I know that has done it lost everything. Just waiting for pictures...=)