Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5, 5, 5 and 5!

5 joys/5 fears/5 obsessions/5 surprising facts:

1. Having everything accomplished and having nothing to do (I await the day, sigh...)
2. Having fancy dinners with Wayne (dreamy sigh...)
3. Closing deals and changing people's financial situations for the better :)
4. Having people admire and respect me (like I try oh-so hard for my little sisters and their cute friends AND my co-workers and clients.)
5. Spending a sunny day at the beach, even though those days are over... for awhile.

1. Being stranded, kidnapped, lost (like in Mexico when we trust the locals with our lives).
2. Gaining weight.
3. Having no money, filing BK, that kind of thing.
4. Catching a horrid disease.
5. Having all my clumsiness and mistakes in the spotlight.

1. Hello Kitty stuff- haha, kind of.
2. Having everything organized, planned out before starting a new project or assignment.
3. Drinking a certain amount of water every day.
4. Washing my hands- I do it constantly!
5. I am a creature of habit. I do the same (rituals) like in the morning for instance and have to do everything in order from brushing my teeth, then putting lotion on my face, then starting my makeup, etc. Everything has to be in order!

Surprising Facts:
1. It doesn't matter what time I go to sleep, I always have a hard time waking.
2. My first job was at McDonalds. Augh! I am still SO embarassed! I don't even like eating there! My Dad thought (it would teach me some valuable work ethics), whatever...
3. I have had a stock portfolio since I was 16 (again, Dad's orders).
4. I can't whistle or burb (without the help of carbonation).
5. I was a really misbehaved child. My Mom called me her Wild Child. The result, she thought she was done having kids, ha! I would put my toothbrush in the toilet bowl, broke ALL my Mom's wedding china- and thought it was funny! And I am still apologizing for it...


Emily said...

That is crazy! You broke all her china! I have a hard time picturing that! :) We have some things in common that is for sure!

sarahhicken said...

So much I did not know about you. But still love knowing you just the same. have a great day.

Kristin said...

glad you didn't "tag" anyone =)

Jami Hansen said...

You little sh__! I thought I knew you. Have you been keeping things from me. I guess we do have some things in common. I miss you, kate.
Your house just looks lonely w/out you. I miss going to the gym w/you once upon a time. I saw the cop that pulled us over the other day. He kept looking at me probably trying to figure out how he knew me. I wanted to yell "What is up Dick". Sorry.. I love that you have a blog..