Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hollywood, South Coast, HB, Valentines and Engagements.

A lifetime friend of mine and Wayne (also his distant cousin), Doug visited us for the weekend with his super sweet and fun girlfriend (and soon-to-be fiance! its ok, she already knows!), Rosanna. We decided, since Rosanna had never been to California (Cincinnati-bred), that she needed to see LA and Hollywood more importantly!

Me and Rosanna...

Us at PINK'S! I'm STILL wondering why no one asked me for my pic to put on their wall of fame??? hehe.

Me and Rosanna just discussed how "Gentlemen DO Prefer Blondes"- look at our Hickens!

Wayne and Doug- idoling Chuck Norris. All of us were shocked to know HE has a star.

MY Favorite Star.

Rosanna- sorry we couldn't find Angelina Jolie's! Next time!

We also walked around the LA temple (where Wayne and I are headed in 4 months!), then drove through Rodeo Drive (so Rosanna could see how its done in LA), and then we were saddened to know Sprinkle's Cupcakes closes at 7pm!

On Valentine's DAY, we met up with Doug and Rosanna at the South Coast Plaza and went to Huntington for dinner.

Then, we heard from our good friend, Drew, that he ALSO is getting married this summer! He proposed that night! That makes 4 of us Jurupa kids getting married this summer!


The comstocks said...

how fun, it looks like you guys had a good time!