Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The joys of property management...

There are few. For instance, when someone is so happy they found a cute house to rent and property managers that LET them move in even though they have bad credit due to a job loss and/or a foreclosure... that they tell you you're an angel or are so so so kind to you and will push your car through ice to prove how much they want to rent a home... those are the instances that make me happy to do such tedious back-and-forth work.
However, this morning, I got a call from one of our clients who has a COMPLETELY REMODELED 3 BD/2 BTH home in a (surprisingly) NICE area of San Bernardino that he (general contractor, of course) has had for rent since the remodeling process. Over this past weekend, some punk kid/s (assuming) took out all the flyers in the box and individually crumpled them and tossed them on the (wet) grass and threw a rock through a (brand new, double-paned) window, climbed through and walked through the house, unlocking all the doors, yet not taking anything or doing anymore damage. There are a lot of words that could describe such an act, mine: immature, awful, disrespectful and ghetto. Why do such people think they can do such things and put such added strains on people that don't deserve such dealings?!
(Sorry, I'm using this as my journal... thanks for reading!)


Kristin said...

WOW is about all I can say