Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Dukes

Here is something only a few people know about me, I LOVE Doo Wop! Weird for my age, I suppose, but it reminds me so much of my parents when they were young and the whole era at the time, like American Bandstand times- aw, I love it! So on the radio yesterday morning, (yes, I listen to KRTH 101.1 The Greatest Hits on Earth), they had Robert Downey Jr. on and he was talking about his latest production. He produced a new indie movie, almost a documentary about The Dukes (LOVE their music!) and on the radio, they played a song that Robert Downey sings in the movie and it gave me CHILLS! And the movie was only showing in a few theaters in Southern California. So I KNEW we needed to go!
Obviously, I sweet-talked Wayne into going with me. There we were, the ONLY people in the theater. I thought that was weird. It turns out, the WHOLE movie was showing how these older men (now) were broke and washed-up and decided to break into a dental lab to steal gold. It turns out, it was just fool's gold and they were still broke. The movie ended with their aunt giving them 75% of her cafe and they converted it to the Doo-Wop Cafe and performed ONE of their hit songs (that Robert Downey was really singing) and he never once showed in the movie! It was sadly a waste of time and major let-down. That is my review of The Dukes.


Emily said...

Doo-Wop sounds cool! :) I am glad you are a little old school!